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  Project Coordinators


Valerie Huff

Valerie Huff is a restoration ecologist with a passion for native plants.  She has a Bachelor of Science in Agriculture from the University of Guelph, a diploma in Restoration of Natural Systems from the University of Victoria, and a Masters of Science in environmental studies, also from the University of Victoria.

Valerie has an environmental consulting company which uses her inter-related areas of expertise: plant science and restoration ecology; computer information management systems and data management; and outreach, training and education.

Eva Johansson

Eva Johansson

Eva Johansson is a professional agrologist. She is a founding member of the West Kootenay Native Plant Study Group. She managed West Kootenay Plants Ltd., a native plant nursery, for 5 years. She has a Master of Science degree with a Major in Earth Science from University of Stockholm and a diploma in Restoration of Natural Systems from University of Victoria.

As project coordinator of the Kootenay Camas Project, she is interested to learn more about citizen science, public outreach and the cultivation and propagation of camas.


  Project Advisor

Brenda Beckwith near Castlegar, BC  

Dr. Brenda Beckwith

Brenda Beckwith is the leading expert on the ethnoecology of the native lily camas (Camassia spp.) and its ecocultural role within the nationally endangered Garry oak ecosystems of southwestern British Columbia.  She has been studying camas populations in Canada and the United States for over 15 years.

Brenda is an instructor in ethnoecology and ecological restoration in the School of Environmental Studies at the University of Victoria.  As well, she has been an avid gardener and landscaper for over two decades and has recently launched her new consulting business, Brens Garden Ecologies, specializing in landscaping with native plants as well as sensory and ethnobotanical gardens.