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The West Kootenay Native Plant Study Group is a small group of people interested in native plants.  Join us to learn more about the local flora. 

We host plant walks and presentations, and are always on the lookout for interesting plants to see! 


Have you seen this plant?

Our new project to inventory and map Camassia quamash in the West Kootenay.

   What is camas?

   Citizen Science to inventory and monitor camas

   Mapping camas in the West Kootenay

   Camas stewardship guidelines



Grow Wild: Native Plants for West Kootenay Gardens

If you are interested in growing plants that use less water, create habitat for wildlife and enhance your garden while helping to preserve native biodiversity, look here for practical tips.

Know your site

The right plant for the right place.

Growing wild means knowing your site, choosing plants that grow in similar conditions.   
Native Plant Propagation Basics

From seed collection to growing your own seedlings, mimic nature throughout the year.
West Kootenay Native Plant Guidelines

Propagation information for some West Kootenay native plant species.

The West Kootenay Native Plant Study Group is grateful to the Columbia Basin Trust for their support in developing the Grow Wild workshops and the material for this website.

Useful Links

Some of our favourite resources on the internet, including E-Flora BC and the Native Plant Society of BC.  Find out more about them here.


Upcoming Events


Friday, June 29

Camas Salvage
Help rescue camas in Castlegar. Email kootenaywild at to register.


With the help of local residents, the Kootenay Camas Project (KCP) has found the largest Canadian populations of common camas (Camassia quamash) east of the Lower Mainland of British Columbia. The confluence of the Kootenay and Columbia Rivers is the area with the highest population density as well as the area with the most individual finds. Millennium Park in Castlegar is a camas “hot spot”.

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The Waneta Terrestrial Compensation Program approved support for the Kootenay Camas Project to help with a complete inventory in the Waneta, BC area. 

The Kootenay Camas Project was approved for funding by the Columbia Basin Trust to carry out baseline inventory studies in 2012.